Why Do Atheists Ask Easily Explained Questions Or Lack Understanding Of Basic Christian Principles? | The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Another informative post redirected from THE ISAIAH 53:5 PROJECT. I’m re-posting this one, because I think it highlights one of the biggest concerns I personally have with many  fellow atheists currently using the the internet. Too many of them show a total lack of respect for anybody with a different world view and in the process demonstrate their obvious ignorance, both intellectually and otherwise. Theists are not without their counterparts but two wrongs don’t make a right. I think the message taken from this post is equally applicable to both theists and atheists.

Why Do Atheists Ask Easily Explained Questions Or Lack Understanding Of Basic Christian Principles?


The question this week comes from the blog owner, James. I usually post on Friday but I’m going to post today because tomorrow is going to be super busy for me.

I’m going to answer it in parts because it’s a multi-part question and I think I’ll be able to answer it best in smaller bites.

So James starts with:

I was an atheist for the first 30 years of my life so I get what it means to lack a belief in God.  When I was an atheist however, I never had a very hard time understanding Christian theology, although I didn’t care for it or buy any of it, as it is taught and understood by Christians.

I can see why this might frustrate Christians, but I think the biggest mistake you make here is assuming that everyone:

Understands everything the same way you do. For example, to a particle physicist, theoretical particle physics may seem rather elementary, but that doesn’t mean I do.

That all Christians understand theology the same way you do. Currently, there are over 40,000 sects of Christianity and all of them believe slightly different things. With so many Christian models, I think it’s wise to ask for clarification when engaging in a discussion about faith.

James continues:

So, why do so many seemingly intelligent atheists these days seem to either lack a basic understanding and/or constantly ask for explanations for what is very easily explained?

Just today I had an atheist ask a contributor on this blog to explain why a blood sacrifice was necessary to save mankind from sin when God could have just as well forgiven whomever He wanted without someone dying. Why?  Why ask a blogger to explain this when it is easy to find perfectly good explanations from Christian scholars and apologists with very little time and effort?  Is this a real quest for understanding (this is nearly impossible to believe if it is) or just an attempt to frustrate and waste a believer’s time?

I don’t think it’s an attempt to waste a believer’s time. Obviously, I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t the one asking the question.

However, I can speculate on why someone would ask these things.

The whole blood sacrifice part of Christianity doesn’t make sense to many people and the atheist may be trying to get the Christian to think about the concept for a minute. By having them postulate an answer, they will first have to think of the implications.

The question may be leading to another question or in a direction the atheist would like to explore.

The atheist may be curious and wonder why someone would believe a blood sacrifice is needed for forgiveness, especially if the believer thinks their God is all-powerful. If the deity ‘needed’ a blood sacrifice in order to forgive, it could no longer be considered all-powerful because something (in this case forgiveness) was outside its power without the prerequisite sacrifice.

Scholars and apologists will often disagree with one another. If the atheist is engaging you, they want to hear your rationale, not a particular scholars or apologists view on the same topic.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Atheists Ask Easily Explained Questions Or Lack Understanding Of Basic Christian Principles? | The Isaiah 53:5 Project

  1. I ask such questions, not because I do not have a pretty good understanding of theology but in the hope that the Christian will confront such issues from a simple common sense point of view. Something that indoctrination obviates.

    Furthermore, as such sites are public, there are quite often a number of readers who prefer not to comment.
    One such reader who has a blog name of James82 read numerous religious posts on my and several similar atheist blogs then one day he plucked up the courage to comment on one of my posts and cited what he’d read as a catalyist for deconverting.

    I felt this was adequate vindication.

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