Religion as an Abusive Relationship

Another great post from CONCERNEDTHINKER showing great insight. Reinforces and articulates one of atheism’s most important arguments when confronting religions.

Religion as an Abusive Relationship

By concernedthinker  11 Aug 2015

Religion is dehumanizing.  It takes the best qualities of humanity and attributes them to divinity. Love is not divine. Love is human. Kindness is human. Strength is human. Consciousness is human. Creativity is human. By attributing these qualities to something inhuman, religions steal the best aspects of humanity and leave us with only our worst aspects.

Religions use human attributes to describe gods because they cannot invent new attributes which are unique to their gods.  They’re like paintings with magical new colors, except instead of a completely new color, say color X, the painting is just extra blue.  This doesn’t make any sense.  If all of a god’s attributes are just natural human attributes, then what makes it a god?

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