Refuting the Refutation of New Atheism by Godless Cranium

Another great post by Godless Cranium, in which he challenges idiotic claims made by some Christians about atheists and atheism. However, to be fair, I think we all need to acknowledge that there is right and wrong on both sides of the divide. Many Christians have absolutely no idea what atheism is all about, and many so called atheists have no idea what Christianity is all about. Far too often, antagonists from both sides of the divide just lob insults and accusations at each other, without any regard for the truth, and without any desire for a better understanding of each other.

It is my honest belief that, in this more enlightened era, atheism will eventually prevail, but it will prevail quicker by using reason and understanding, rather than ridicule.


Refuting the Refutation of New Atheism

By Godless Cranium  on 23 August 2015

Ran into a post that attempts to refute new atheism, but does everything but make an argument against any atheistic position. Instead the author just flings mud against the wall hoping that something…anything sticks, including a charge (in the title of the piece) that atheism is the last superstition.

This is the sorry state we’re in – when not believing superstitious claims actually become a superstition.

The present-day atheists and their arguments are so ignorant and closed minded to many facts and historical data. They are not totally the least educated group of people in the world they are the most ignorant of history and philosophical thought.

Citation needed.

This isn’t an argument against their position. This is an assertion that you haven’t backed up. Anyone can call someone else wrong and assert that they’re ignorant or not educated, but you have to back that up if you want to be taken seriously.

What exactly are they ignorant about?

What historical data are you referencing and where did they demonstrate ignorance in regards to it?

Who is the least educated among the new atheists and how does that mean their position on God is wrong?

Not exclusively is it impossible to be an atheists and not be self refuting it’s a faith based position based on no real information for their position that no God exists.

It doesn’t take faith not to believe a claim, especially when that claim includes magic, miracles and contradictory holy books. And how exactly is atheism self-refuting? Atheism doesn’t make a claim. It merely rejects a claim. Atheism is the absence of belief in God(s).

It’s a fairly simple concept.

And I never understand when a religious person tries to compare their faith based position to what they think is an atheists faith based position. Who exactly are they trying to tar? What is the point of painting what they think is a faith based position as bad, while they themselves hold a faith based position and are often basing their entire lives around it?

I don’t get it.

via Godless Cranium | Random musings of a godless heathen.

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