Why the Deafening Silence?

How did Christianity really start? Was in the result of a virgin birth in Bethlehem, a supernatural resurrection in Jerusalem and a divine revelation on the road to Damascus? Or is Christianity just the logical end product that was produced when a simple hallucination on the road to Damascus was reinforced with a simple lie told in Jerusalem?

A few weeks ago, I posted what I thought was a very provocative 3-part series suggesting how I think Christianity actually started. I fully expected it to stir up a bit of a hornet’s nest. Instead, I’m now deafened by the silence. Not a single comment from the Jesus is a myth fraternity and, even more surprising, no reaction whatsoever from Christians. Why this deafening silence? I’m basically claiming that all you really need to explain Christianity and the New Testament is a simple hallucination on the road to Damascus and a simple lie told in Jerusalem. Put these two simple ideas together, and voila, Christianity without any need for a resurrection in Jerusalem.

I fully accept that I can’t prove Paul hallucinated on the road to Damascus. Likewise, I accept that I can’t prove Peter lied to Paul about the Jerusalem resurrection. But then again, Christians have to accept that they can’t prove Paul didn’t hallucinate on the road to Damascus and they also have to accept that they can’t prove Peter didn’t lie to Paul.

We, therefore, now have two explanations of how Christianity started. One is the 2000 year old orthodox explanation, with all the super naturalistic explanations you would expect from an ancient pantheistic culture. The other is a simpler, more pragmatic, 21st century reinterpretation of the same basic facts. If my version of first century events seems far too simple, just remember Occam’s razor which states:“When you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

You can find out why Paul hallucinated on the road to Damascus by clicking here, but you’ll have to read The Christianity Myth if you want to know why Peter lied to Paul about the Jerusalem resurrection, and why Peter’s lies were later immortalized in the Gospels .

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4 thoughts on “Why the Deafening Silence?

  1. No name

    I think I speak for most atheists if I say that we are much more interested in how to end religion, than in trying to figure out how it started – since we accept that the historical record provides few clues and there is little else to go on, except to assume xianity started in a similar fashion to other religions.
    -A Redditor who is an anti-theist.


    1. Point taken, but I think you’re underestimating the importance of understanding how these religions really started. Offering rational alternative explanations can only serve to undermine the authenticity of the orthodox explanations. I appreciate that rational thinking is often in short supply when debating theists, but the general standard of atheist rhetoric also leaves much to be desired, largely because most atheists can’t be bothered to educate themselves about the religions they oppose. Atheists & anti-theists would be far more effective if they made more effort to “know their enemy”.


  2. You’ve mistaken a ‘deathly silence for a deafening one!
    In my bog I wil;l write up an commentary on Psalm 40 and I invite your thoughts on it. It is very relevant to your Argument!


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