A Very Simple Choice?

This very short post is inspired by that small band of theists, notably Christian theists, who seem to have great difficulty understanding why most non-theists and atheists are intrinsically just as moral as most theists.

Imagine yourself in a small room. You have never heard of any god and you are asked to make a simple choice. There are two doors A and B, each of which lead to a secular world. Door A leads to secular world A which is governed by two simple rules. Rule 1 of this secular world A is dog eat dog. Rule 2 of this secular world A is survival of the fittest.

Door B leads to secular world B which is governed by three simple rules. Rule 1 of this secular world B is love your neighbour as yourself. Rule 2 of this secular world B is treat others as you want to be treated. Rule 3 of this secular world B is failure to observe either of the first two rules results in instant transfer to world A.

You have free will. You have all the information you need to make a choice. The choice is yours. Which world would you choose to live in?

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3 thoughts on “A Very Simple Choice?

  1. An interesting read. Not a lot to argue about there…but give me a minute…I’ll find something.
    Would that it were as simple as you claim. Hang on a mo…it is! Though the options are not confined to your descriptions!
    I’ve offered before…I’ve requested before…can you and I discuss our opinions using Psalm 40 as a starting point? I disagree with your opinions but I have greater worries about the reasoning (sic) that you used to formulate them!


    1. The Bible is not the start it’s the terminus. God did it. If you are looking for morals their not to be found in any of the abrahamic texts. The deity is described in Consider the remarkable similarities of fables from much older cultures. Consider not one word of the Bible is original to the language of the native speakers that produced it. Consider we have no way of knowing what they intended to convey. Consider the originals are lost, all of them. Consider that men hundreds of years after the stories were purported to have happened cobbled together what they thought the stories should believe.


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