The Firebrand — via Rdxdave’s Weblog

The last paragraph of Rdxdave’s blog says it all.

//We shouldn’t disrespect people just because they think differently than us. We can disrespect the ideas, but purposely attacking their person just because of their ideas? No. Fight the idea because ideas can be changed as rare as that is//


Getting more involved in an atheist/skeptic group has reawakened some of the harder disparities within a single movement. While everyone seems to have the same general goal, the method of getting there seems to always be in dispute. This is quite important because how you get to a place will no doubt speak to the […]

via The Firebrand — Rdxdave’s Weblog


5 thoughts on “The Firebrand — via Rdxdave’s Weblog

  1. I read this yesterday and again today. I mostly agree, but late in the game yesterday the deception and obvious lies and deflection came out in the face of overwhelming evidence. Then is it ok to attack or discredit the person? It was at the point of ridiculous.

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      1. Being reasonable does pay off. There are people lurking in the shadow that never say anything. From 115 comments yesterday there were 259 views from many countries not saying a word. Best to be as polite as possible. Calling bullshit takes tact to keep the convo going

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