Christianity in a Nut Shell

There’s no independent evidence supporting Christian claims that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem.

Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus can now readily be explained using our current knowledge of temporal lobe epilepsy.

The existence of the New Testament Gospels can now readily be explained without resorting to divine interventions.

The orthodox model of Christianity is therefore a load of bollocks, and the sooner we all grow up and accept this fact the better.

6 thoughts on “Christianity in a Nut Shell

  1. That very first fact Ken is a HUGE one that completely dismantles the 3rd – 4th-century CE Greco-Roman myth and ideology, or if you like, “faith through the Placebo-effect and orthodoxy” (i.e. follow the crowd whether it’s true and detrimental).

    Most all staunch and blinded Christian apologists, let alone serious Christian laypeople, do not want to face the fact that there exists a substantial array of conflicting, erroneous, and ambiguous problems when contrasting the canonical New Testament AND the Patristic Father’s writings… with the exhaustive cumulative INDEPENDENT sources and evidence and what the latter overwhelmingly shows. In honesty, the comparison is a no brainer.

    Fantastic and concise post Ken. Keep up the great work Sir! 🙂

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