The real origins of Christianity?


Like it or not, and Christians definitely don’t like it, there are now two ways to explain the origins of Christianity. There’s the 2000 year old conventional way, with two divine interventions by god, and there’s Thackerey’s new, twenty first century way with no divine interventions of any sort. Both ways utilize the same known facts and the same chronology of events. Thackerey’s way simply exploits our much better understanding of temporal lobe epilepsy and offers us a much simpler, more pragmatic interpretation of the Apostle Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus. In doing so, Thackerey eliminates all need to believe in gods and all need for divine intervention from said gods. Thackerey also suggests the origins of Islam can be explained in a similar manner.

Anyone interested in finding out more can now read Thackerey’s book free of charge at


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