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517isbb0czl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Hi, I’m Ken Thackerey, author of THE CHRISTIANITY MYTH 

The Christianity Myth is not a book about Jesus. It’s a book about the alleged resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem and a book about the real origins of Christianity [See About the Book page for more details]. I began examining the evidence supporting Christianity’s doctrinal dogma shortly after I retired. I did so because, even after thirty years of regular church going, I still didn’t believe Christian claims that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. I never really understood how Christians could readily reject the super naturalism of competing religions, and at the same time readily accept the super naturalism associated with their own religion.

I confess I’m neither a trained theologian nor a classical biblical scholar, but I am a retired research scientist, with more than thirty years experience working in research & development. I therefore possess the research skills needed to examine the Christian evidence. In actual fact, I’m probably better qualified to do this than many biblical scholars, and certainly better qualified that any Christian theologian, because, unlike these other authors, I have no emotional needs to preserve the orthodox status quo. My total lack of emotional investment in the final outcome of my investigation, and my professional awareness of the dangers posed by confirmational bias, ensured I remained totally objective throughout my investigation.

My non-working background is very conventional. I’m married with three sons, and I live in semi-detached suburbia in the south east of the UK. As already stated, I’ve been a regular churchgoer for over 30 years, but only because my wife is religious. I started attending church as an uninformed agnostic, and thirty years later I was a better informed agnostic. I’m now a retired atheist, and apart from being totally disinterested in all sports, I think I’m relatively normal, but I suspect many would call me a philistine. However, I’m pretty confident I probably know more about art stuff than they do about science stuff. Do I think we’re alone in the cosmos? Definitely not! Given the scale of the cosmos, or at least the bit we’re currently aware of, it’s odds on that other life forms exist out there somewhere. Will we ever make contact or be contacted? I hope not. Is there anything remotely “god-like” out there? How long is a piece of string? If there is a “god-like” entity out there, I’m sure he/she/it doesn’t give a rat’s arse about anybody down here. My likes include long country walks and the freedom to think the unthinkable. My dislikes include sport, anchovies, sport, and aubergines and, oh yes, did I mention sport? If I had to describe myself in two words it would be sceptical pessimist. For me the glass has always been half empty, but half empty is better than empty.

After more than a year researching first century Christianity, I’m now a well informed, church-going atheist, albeit a somewhat reluctant atheist. I’m an atheist because I now know that super-naturalism is not needed to explain the origins of Christianity, and I’m reluctant because knowing this now makes it impossible for me to ever again wrap myself in the Christianity “comfort blanket”.  In 2014 I published the results of my research in a short book called The Christianity Myth, but there’s now a revised and updated version available free of charge on my blog site [see link below]. Feel free to read it or not.

All Christian choosing to read this book will start out thinking Jesus is the son of god, but a few more open-minded Christians may change their minds after reading it. Personally, I’ve never understood why theists are theists. They all think their god is the one true god and they all think everybody else’s god is a false god. This irrationality is hammered home in a short video called Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe? Every theist should watch it, even though most of them will remain impervious to it’s conclusions. Personally, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then  it’s a bloody duck.

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3 thoughts on “About K.A.G. Thackerey

  1. Hi again Ken. 🙂

    I’m am trying to draw to a close the slowly digressing (less productive now?) conversation with Isaiah 53 Project. However, as you can ascertain, his snooty semi-manic, arrogance-of-authority and then (hyper?) sensitivity to contentions or challenges to the content and origins of his “faith” paradigm make ending or closing the conversation in a fair, respectful way… difficult at best. Grrrrrrr, ugh. 🙄 I will endeavor to end it in an enlightening, amicable manner, but that can be tricky when someone truly, mentally (pathologically) has convinced themselves — and then the feeling is reinforced by peers and the Placebo-effect — that they possess supreme truth and authority in truth above anyone else or any other system in the world. As you mentioned in your post Six Reasons Why I’m Not a Christian, and kindly linked to my Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe? video it is a mentality that is often very, very difficult to relate to on simple human terms.

    Btw, thank you for your patience with it all. It is surely noticed. ❤

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  2. The Real Messianic

    “In 2012 I decided to educate myself about early Christianity, in the vain hope it would enable me to finally become a Christian. It didn’t work.”

    That’s funny and sad in the same time. As we all hope that there is something after life. I too was disappointed with Christianity… I kinda cut the book in half when I realized that Jesus was not the messiah. I still believe in the Hebrew Bible and the G-d of Israel though. I am not trying to convince you, each has to be convinced in his mind. It’s not surprising that studying the (early) church would lead you away from the Church with all the atrocities that they have done. Anyway, looking forward to read more of your posts 🙂


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