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Hi, I’m Keith Goode, aka Ken Thackerey, aka K.A.G. Thackerey.

My background is very conventional. I was born in 1941 of working class parents, and I graduated from Bristol University in 1962. I then spent my working life doing research of one sort or another. I got married in 1983 and now have three adult sons. I took early retirement in 1993, and I’m now living a quite life in semi-detached suburbia in the UK. A more detailed biography can be found by clicking here.

I was a regular church goer for over thirty years, but I always had reservations about Christian claims that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem. In 2012 I started to examine the evidence used by apologists to support the Orthodox narrative. I did so hoping my new found knowledge would finally persuade me to become a Christian, but unfortunately it didn’t work. My investigation simply transformed a slightly informed church-going agnostic, into a much better informed church-going atheist. I no longer attend church, and I now consider myself to be an agnostic atheist. I reject the idea that gods exist, but I accept that we can never prove gods do not exist.

After scrutinising the Orthodox evidence, I eventually concluded that the origins of Christianity could actually be explained without any reference to divine interventions and the supernatural. I published the initial results of my investigation in 2014, in a book called The Christianity Myth, and to avoid upsetting my Christian friends, I published this book using the pen name K.A.G. Thackerey.  Further research reinforcing my earlier findings led to a second book called Christianity on Trial, which I published using my real name. Details of this latest book can be found by clicking here.

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P.S. All theists automatically assume their own god is the one true god and everybody else’s god is a false god. This irrationality is hammered home in a short video called Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe?

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi again Ken. 🙂

    I’m am trying to draw to a close the slowly digressing (less productive now?) conversation with Isaiah 53 Project. However, as you can ascertain, his snooty semi-manic, arrogance-of-authority and then (hyper?) sensitivity to contentions or challenges to the content and origins of his “faith” paradigm make ending or closing the conversation in a fair, respectful way… difficult at best. Grrrrrrr, ugh. 🙄 I will endeavor to end it in an enlightening, amicable manner, but that can be tricky when someone truly, mentally (pathologically) has convinced themselves — and then the feeling is reinforced by peers and the Placebo-effect — that they possess supreme truth and authority in truth above anyone else or any other system in the world. As you mentioned in your post Six Reasons Why I’m Not a Christian, and kindly linked to my Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe? video it is a mentality that is often very, very difficult to relate to on simple human terms.

    Btw, thank you for your patience with it all. It is surely noticed. ❤

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  2. The Real Messianic

    “In 2012 I decided to educate myself about early Christianity, in the vain hope it would enable me to finally become a Christian. It didn’t work.”

    That’s funny and sad in the same time. As we all hope that there is something after life. I too was disappointed with Christianity… I kinda cut the book in half when I realized that Jesus was not the messiah. I still believe in the Hebrew Bible and the G-d of Israel though. I am not trying to convince you, each has to be convinced in his mind. It’s not surprising that studying the (early) church would lead you away from the Church with all the atrocities that they have done. Anyway, looking forward to read more of your posts 🙂


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