I’m So Lucky

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told how lucky I am to be still fit & active in my late seventies, with no signs [as yet] of any of the many debilitating physical diseases and mental illnesses that seem to afflict most people of my age. And yes, people who say I’m lucky are right. I really am lucky. Lucky that I can ignore my early morning aches & pains and force myself to do my little routine workout before getting ready for the day. And very lucky in deed, that come rain or shine, I can force myself to go out everyday [well almost] for a brisk three mile walk. And whilst out on these walks, I’m amazed at how lucky I am to be able to walk on pass those two eating establishments offering reasonably priced all day breakfasts consisting of bacon, eggs, sausages chips & baked beans. Well lucky on most days anyway. Occasionally my luck runs out, and I find myself having to endure one of those delectable brunches.

Most of the time, however, my luck holds and I return home ready to force myself to eat more sensible food. But don’t get me wrong. I’m no veggie. I like meat & junk food as well as any man, but because I’m so lucky, I’m usually able to resist the temptations to snack all day on crisps & chocolate etc and lucky enough to be able to force myself to eat a more healthy diet. And come the evening, whilst relaxing in front of the goggle box or listening to Classic FM, my luck prevails and I’m able to force myself to reach for my mini dumbbells, ready for an upper torso work out whilst enjoying the entertainment.

So yes, when all is said and done, I really do feel very very lucky. But my two luckiest breaks both occurred back in 1983 when I got married & settled down. Both of these lucky breaks resulted in dramatic changes to my lifestyle. Lucky break number one occurred when I finally managed to quit smoking [some 30-40 a day for over 25 years]. Lucky break number two followed shortly afterwards, when I managed to give up my serious drinking habit [some 6 pints a day on weekdays and 10 pints a day at weekends]. I say lucky enough to give up serious drinking deliberately, because I still enjoy a couple of pints every now & then. But the funny thing is, neither of these lucky breaks left me feeling any better off financially. Guess that’s married life for you.

So, although none of us can escape the fact that we are all basically products of chosen lifestyles that dictate what we do/don’t do & dictate what we eat/don’t eat, only we lucky ones seem able to make the right choices. The rest, the unlucky ones who seem to live on junk food diets and adopt sedentary lifestyles, have to accept the inevitable consequences. If you just slob around and eat nothing but shit most of the time, be prepared to look shit & feel shit in later life,.

Life really is so unfair.