Was Peter Martyred in Rome?

Was Peter Martyred in Rome? is a sample chapter taken from my new book “Christianity on Trial: Why we cannot trust the Gospel evidence”. This short cogent read is an objective critique of the orthodox Christian narrative. The book addresses the following topics: CONTENTS Introduction Confirmation Bias Religiosity Temporal Lobe Epilepsy The Historicity of Jesus …

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Re-Appraisal of Galatians 1:19

In Galatians 1:19, Paul simply states “I saw none of the other apostles—only James, the Lord’s brother". In my initial appraisal of this simple 12 word verse [click here for details], I suggested that the simple phrase “only James, the Lord’s brother" could have been a simple interpolation engineered by Marcion sometime in the first …

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The Christianity Myth Argument – The Real Foundational Ideas

Stuart Gray is a Christian apologist, and he and I have been exchanging emails about our views on the origins of Christianity. He recently posted an interesting critique of my Christianity Myth argument called “Could Jesus’ Resurrection Have Been a Cunning Lie?” I commented that his critique of my argument suggested he had not fully …

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On Discussing Islam with Muslims & Non-Muslims

In this blog I focus on political Islam & attempt to answer the following questions: What is Islam? Why is the Koran so difficult to understand? What exactly is political Islam? Why should non-Muslims be concerned about political Islam? Why is the religion of peace really the religion of war? Why do white, middle-class, liberal …

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On discussing Christianity with Christians & Non Christians

Or why believing in fairies is a safer bet than believing in Jesus………. First the fairy issue. There’s no evidence to prove fairies exist and there’s no evidence to prove fairies do not exist. Furthermore, the absence of proof is not proof of absence. Therefore I could claim fairies do exist knowing I can never …

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Close Scrutiny of Galatians 1: 19

Author Note: This blog has been superseded by a more recent blog. Click here for details. Paul’s first meeting with Peter in Jerusalem c 36 CE, just a few years after the alleged resurrection of Jesus, is a very crucial meeting, because this is when & where Paul first learned of the alleged resurrection in …

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Majority Normality v Minority Normality

As I grew up, I slowly began to realize that my perceived normality was not always the same as other people’s perceived normality. My minority normality seemed to differ from their majority normality in many different ways, and I often had difficulty understanding why they so often seemed interested in uninteresting things, and often totally …

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The Christianity Merry Go Round

Or how to debate Christian apologists like Gary Habermas and win…….. Real Christians are defined by their unshakeable belief that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem. In reality they simply choose to believe what can never be proved. It’s called faith!!! Churches are very adept at peddling the resurrection myth, knowing full well their flocks will …

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Habermas & the Gospel Evidence

Those fully conversant with Gary Habermas’s latest views about the authenticity of the gospels will appreciate the subtle but highly significant differences between the two simple arguments summarized below. Habermas’ argument can be summarized as: Peter told Paul about the resurrection in Jerusalem. Paul then propagated Peter’s claims. Unknown gospel authors then immortalized Peter’s claims …

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Christianity in a Nut Shell

There’s no independent evidence supporting Christian claims that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem. Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus can now readily be explained using our current knowledge of temporal lobe epilepsy. The existence of the New Testament Gospels can now readily be explained without resorting to divine interventions. The orthodox model of …

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A Critique of Gary Habermas’ Fatally Flawed Argument

NB Click on any RED TEXT for further retails Gary Habermas [click red text for details] is a Christian scholar, leading Christian apologist and he also stars in several U-Tube videos, including one called the resurrection evidence that changed current scholarship. Habermas takes it for granted that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem and he spends an …

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7 Tips for Closeted Atheist Teenagers

She Seeks Nonfiction

Over the years, I have received a lot of emails and messages from other closeted atheists asking for advice. Most of these messages have been from atheists in high school, wondering what to do in regards to having this secret among Christian friends, parents, and church members. Thanks to a tweet from Godless Iowan, I decided that compiling my advice together could hopefully prove helpful for at least one of my younger readers.

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Religiosity v Objectivity

Just a couple of quick points following on from the religiosity spectrum concept introduced in my last blog  First point. I think it's fair to say most people can be classified either as needy theists, passive theists or non theists. Needy theists are those with a strong intrinsic need to believe what they do believe …

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Religiosity-Biology or Brain-Washing?

Most people accept that their own religious beliefs, if any, are influenced by the religious beliefs of their parents. They also accept these beliefs are also influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by the prevailing cultural values of those around them. Many people simply adsorb the religious culture of their parents. These people are …

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Six Reasons Why I’m Not a Christian

I did think my blogging days were well & truly over. I’d said all I wanted to say about Christianity and its dubious origins, and I’d relegated myself to a casual blog reader who left occasional comments. However, recent unprovoked abusive comments from a certain blogger [see here and here] have caused me to saddle …

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Why You cannot prove Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem

  Two billion Christians believe Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. They believe this because the Gospels say he was resurrected, and because they believe the existence of these Gospels actually proves Jesus was resurrected. However, the  existence of these Gospels does not actually prove Jesus was resurrected, because their existence can readily …

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Was Jesus Resurrected in Jerusalem?

Mythicists like Richard Carrier argue that Jesus probably never even existed. I don't subscribe to this minority view for two reasons. One, there are now much easier ways to explain what did or didn’t happen in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, and two, Occam’s razor suggests the best explanation is invariably the simplest explanation. Most biblical …

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So Who Goes To Hell?

Will it be heaven or will it be hell? A quick tongue-in-cheek assessment. According to Christians, all good Christians go to Christian heaven & everybody else, including Muslims, goes to Christian hell. According to Muslims, all good Muslims go to Islamic heaven & everybody else, including Christians, goes to Islamic hell. So, if Christians say …

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Are Christianity & Islam Fundamentally Different?

Islam’s holy book is called the Qur’an. This holy book is a record of the many messages that Mohammed received from Allah, the God of Islam. These messages were relayed to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel. They started to arrive in 609 AD, and they continued to arrive at random intervals until Muhammad’s death in …

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